duckduckgo-logoThere are few good internet search engines… Well, I don’t care much about the studies that prefer one over others in term of speed, indexing, search depth…. After all, I quickly find what I’m looking for using any. Though, if you’re into Google’s, using Google Search will enrich your experience. The same can be said about Bing from Microsoft…

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Hello great ones. I am Stacy. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mohamad Al Karbi for his invitation to write a guest post on his blog. It is a pleasure to share with you what I enjoy most. Mohamad is a great supporter and lover of Tech which makes us share some common interest. Welcome as we delve into the tech world. Have some of your 3D glasses on as we take a little tour in an amazing field.

Well, well, well, in this day and age, where all sought of things are happening in the world, corruption, lack of healthcare, war, terrorism name it all. The list is endless. We can never anticipate what will happen next or what invention will pop-up overnight.

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Credit Cards: Make them work for you

credit card7

Hi Everybody,

First, I would like to thank Mohamad Al Karbi for inviting me to write a guest post on his blog. It’s my first guest post and I feel truly honored.

To be honest, I wasn’t too keen on accepting the invite because I had been asked to write on banking. All who know me, will not be surprised at the hesitation I felt. Blogging for me, has been an outlet from the mundane world of banking and I have enjoyed every moment of it since I started last September. It is what I do with my heart and Banking is what I do, with my brain.  But as all roads must intersect at some point in time, so I guess, this is point of intersection between what I love doing and what I have to do . Having worked for eighteen years in credit cards, I can say I do understand the workings of a credit card and the ordinary issues a layman faces when dealing with cards. So Mohamad was definitely right in approaching me to do this. In today’s post, I aim to explain benefits that you should be looking for,  when picking a card for you and mistakes people generally make when using the plastic.

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How to leave Google

30We are part of this world and we have to use technology. Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Facebook are big players in this technology and probably in our life too. They already know a lot about us. So, it’s fair for one of us to think of leaving one of them. But, it’s difficult to totally leave! I’m using to say that one should not put all of their eggs in one basket!

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هل ترغب بالابتعاد عن جوجل؟

30نحن جزء من هذا العالم الذي لا يستطيع الاستغناء عن التكنولوجيا، و من كبار لاعبي هذه التكنولوجيا و أصحاب التأثير فيها و ربما في حياتنا مايكروسوفت و آبل و جوجل و فيسبوك، إنهم يعرفون الكثير عنا لذلك ليس غريباً أن يرغب البعض منا بمغادرتها جميعاً أو مغادرة بعضها، لا أعتقد أن كلمة المغادرة الكلية قد تنجح هنا، و لكن كما أقول دائماً لا يضع أحدنا جميع البيض في سلة واحدة.

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