Unified experience on MacOS & Windows

I like to have the same experience on any operating system I use. So, usually, I prefer applications and services that are available on all platforms. At least, I feel that I’m not locked down into one company, hardware, or ecosystem.


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Android to Windows Phone – back to Android

22I know Microsoft and I use their products since I was young. I can say that they have something in my heart! When Android came, I found myself going more into Google products like many others. They are wonderful especially on Android’s. I even lived with Chromebook as my main laptop for one year. Never thought I might get back – This is another story.

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من أندرويد إلى هاتف ويندوز – عودة إلى الأندرويد


أعرف مايكروسوفت و استخدم خدماتها منذ كنت صغيراً و أستطيع القول بأني قلبي يكنّ لها بعض الحب. مع ظهور نظام الأندرويد استولت جوجل على جزء من قلبي تزايد مع الزمن و مثلي كثير. لقد تميزت جوجل و خاصة فيما يتعلق بالأندرويد بل وجدتني اعتمد الكروم بوك و استخدمه كحاسبي الرئيسي لمدة تقارب العام، و لم أعتقد أني سأعود يوماً – وهذه قصة أخرى.

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Chromebook vs Windows

21In general, Chromebook is a browser book! Is this a problem? For me, I was able to live one year fully with Chromebook Pixel as my main laptop – without Windows at all! It does almost everything you might need in your normal activities with low cost and good performance. I just missed some things that I can summarize in:

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