Another joke

When I wrote my previous post Scary Night, my daughter Sham got jealous of me and wrote her novel “Jollybean” the Demon! Now, it’s my turn to get jealous. I saw her last joke The sheep joke… so I thought I can write one too! But remember, I don’t speak politics hehehe. Here is the joke:

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“Jollybean” the Demon

My daughter “Sham”, eight years old, read my other post “Scary Night”. She liked it a lot and was so amused by it… Today, she came excited with an idea, “Dad, I want you to share my own story with your friends”. She meant my WordPress friends. Since she had shown some special skills in composing stories, I’m here publishing her own story without any alteration – her own English words and style.

P.S., Sham in Arabic slang means Damascus (the capital of Syria)

Writing stories...

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Scary Night!

It is the strangest thing ever happened to me! I said once, I’m not the best at telling stories. However, I warn you that this one isn’t for faint hearted.


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