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Hueman Theme Review Best WordPress Theme

Hueman Theme Review

They say “Hueman is the best rated theme ever for blogs and magazines on WordPress.org”. And it is in fact the best theme for blogging or any website that needs grid-based layouts. It’s 100% mobile friendly. The theme is so versatile that sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma about which design to pick. With so many features and options, you surely are gonna love this review!

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Toujours Theme Review

Toujours is a fully responsive free WordPress theme, suitable for wedding, travel journals, magazines, photography websites or any kind of photo-based blog. Its clean and beautiful layout along with large featured images and bold typography gives it an elegant and premium look. Read the in-detail review here

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What is an SEO Friendly URL & How Do You Configure a URL in WordPress? 



This post is most likely to benefit bloggers whose sites are running on a WordPress.org platform.

There is a very big difference in blogging on WordPress.org and WordPress.com. I have explained the difference here. Also, I have explained the benefits of setting up a self hosted WordPress site. You will also find a guide to setting up a self-hosted WordPress site, step by step.

You can find all these right here.

Good. Let’s now get to the topic of today:

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Blogger vs WordPress


It’s nice for sure to have your own website; a personal web site with your own name. But building a website might be costy and time consuming. It requires efforts too to balance between design & contents. A good solution would be to use one of the blogging services out there such as WordPress or Blogger. These services usually provide almost everything you might need in a blog for free or for reasonable price. They serve as a webblog and as a personal website in the same time. Some might use them for business purposes though; there are a lot of examples here and a lot of business & professional templates/themes too. It’s interesting to know that huge amount of the world websites nowadays use WordPress.

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بلوغر مقابل وردبرس


أليس جميلاً أن يكون لديك موقع إلكتروني شخصي يإسمك؟ أول ما يتم التفكير به هنا أن بناء موقع مكلف مادياً و يحتاج إلى وقت بل قل جهد كبير لإدارة محتويات و تصميم الموقع بنفس الوقت. الحل الأمثل لهذه المعضلة هو استخدام خدمة المدونات المتوافرة على الإنترنت مثل بلوغر أو ووردبرس. هذه الخدمات توفر لك ماتحتاجه لإدارة موقع أو مدونة مجاناً أو بأسعار مقبولة. البعض يستخدمها لأكثر من مدونة و هناك الكثير من الأمثلة لمواقع مهنية و شركات تستخدم هذا الأسلوب و ستجد العديد من الثيمات و القوالب التي تخدم هذا الغرض. الأمر المثير هو ان نسبة كبيرة من المواقع حول العالم تم بناءها بواسطة ووردبرس.

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