T-Team @ Home, Glenelg, South Australia

[Feeling nostalgic, this time I diverge from the T-Team’s adventures in the Central Australia and share the place the T-Team calls home—Glenelg.

Many thanks to Mohamad Al Karbi for giving me the opportunity to share the T-Team’s life in South Australia.]

My Old Stamping Ground

I grew up in Somerton Park which is about a ten-minute bike-ride from Glenelg. Even today, though I live in the Adelaide foothills, I go to Glenelg to shop, have coffee at the Broadway Cafe with Mum, and many times I drive through Glenelg on my way up north to Salisbury, or to the Barossa.

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Homesick for the Home of My Heart

Thanks to Mohamad Al Karbi for being a supportive friend in the blogging world.  I appreciate the opportunity to share the story of my recent vacation to my home, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada in his Around The World category.  I will be writing a different story on my own blog to connect it to this story, and the link will be at the bottom of this submission.  Happy reading!

Margaree Island, floating on the horizon
Margaree Island, floating on the horizon

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What NOT to Miss When You Visit Virginia Beach

I would like to thank Mohamad Al Karbi for the opportunity to participate in his “Around the World” series. I have truly enjoyed reading about different places and cultures all over the globe.

I’d like to share an insider’s view of my city, Virginia Beach, Virginia. I’ve lived close to “The Beach” my entire life. I went to college in this lively city, and now I’m raising my family here.

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Travel Oregon and See the U.S!

I would like to give a Big Thank You to Mohamad Al Karbi for allowing me the honor of doing a Guest Post on his wonderful blog.  While you are here, please be sure to take a moment to look around!  There is a wide variety of talent from not only Mohamad, but his guests as well.  

I hope you enjoy my piece on Traveling in Oregon.  

Exploring the United States is an exciting prospect.  But as vast as this country is, it would be a difficult thing to accomplish within reasonable time constraints.  There is an alternative.

I found that the state of Oregon is just about as diverse in its beauty as the rest of the country is as a whole.

I would like to give you a personal mini-tour of the state.

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Small Town, USA

I want to start by sincerely thanking Mohamad for inviting me to be a guest here. I have moved several times over the years yet have traveled very little. I want to share with everyone the story of the local area where I have spend my time the last 12 years, Small Town, USA.

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