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A quick update to my previous post (Do you use personal accounting / finance software?)


Quicken 2018 is much better in comparing to previous versions I tried earlier. The blurring and other display issues were fixed. However:

  1. It’s slow in general; navigation is even slower.
  2. Video card compatibility. The screen flickers and flashes a lot.
  3. Mobile app is outdated. Synchronizing isn’t available for non USD accounts.


After 2 months with this app, I can tell that it’s one of the best. However:

  1. The web version is missing some important features/tools in comparing to mobile app. Mainly: debts, export, reports, group sharing, and some advanced filter options.
  2. Filtering by Payee isn’t available nor is the auto complete for Payees.
  3. Changing the currency rate is affecting the historical data. I believe currency rate should be processed on transaction level.

The guys there are very cooperative though. I noticed a lot of updates in short period. So, I’m very optimistic that a lot of enhancements are coming soon.


This is still my preferred one. A work around fix for the display issue on Windows 10 machines with High DPI screens:

App Proprieties / Compatibility / Change High DPI Settings / Override scaling by Application. Of course, you need to enlarge the app’s font later (and restart)


Things will look much better except for two things:

1- Budget isn’t scaling correctly (very large). You can choose “Mixed Intervals” type to overcome this issue.
2- Pop up windows need to be enlarged manually. Some keep (memorize) the new bigger size and some don’t.

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  1. Nice information thanks for sharing. Another one you might check out is EveryDollar app and website. It was created by Dave Ramsey group. Now I don’t follow him or buy his products. But the app and using the website is free. I don’t connect my banking information either. It really helped me get my budget under control and I like the zero dollar budget concept. Paying off debt is done with a “snowball” effect which is different than what typically happens. It did work for me too. I use the app on my iPhone and the website on my iPad. Thanks again for sharing.

    • Thank you Debbie for the valuable input. I’ll check that for sure. Me too, i don’t like to share my banking information. The most important thing is the software (app) works for you and give you the result (analysis) you need.


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