Me-TooI am pretty sure you all have already heard about the action #metoo (women confess that they were victims of sexual harassment) and different reactions to the issue.

Shame on all those who justify horrible situations.

THIS IS YOU WHO SETS YOUR LIMITS AND BOUNDARIES. The sense of comfort and security of your own self is defined by yourself and nobody ever has the right to tell you what sexual, erotic or quasi-regular behaviour is and push YOUR limits and boundaries to the level of sexual harassment.

Don’t be afraid to say NO whenever you feel that this is too much. NOBODY is allowed to play on your fear. Never.

I am very honoured to live among women aware of their rights. Those women are so strong and brave that every man should learn how to be strong and brave in the same way without being a weirdo, abusing children and women sexually, as well as being a bad, sexually and psychologically unfullfilled human.


  1. At the risk of catching hell here, I’m a big advocate that every woman needs to know how to not only say ‘No”. but to be able to back it up. I’ve taught my daughters and grand daughters how to get themselves out of bad situations. They’re very good at self defense. I made sure they understand how to improvise weapons if needed, and a firm understanding that no one forces them to do anything.

    I also keep the avenues of communication open. Everyone that ever dated them had a good idea where lines were drawn and there was a price to be paid for crossing it. I also had a good chat with their husbands before they ever got married. I told them what I expected out of them as a husband, and I finished with a sermon from the Book of Promises, namely the part that goes, “You ever lay a hand on her, you ever run out on her, you ever cheat on her, I will bury you right next to Jimmy Hoffa!” Recently one my son-in-Laws asked if that still applied. I answered that over the years I’d gotten to like him, so that means he get’s a fifty yard head start.

    And I’ve tried to set the best example for my son, telling him that a man is supposed to treat a woman with utmost respect. call me old school, but I insist he open the door for his wife, hold her chair, and so forth. And I’ve let him and her know if he steps out of line, to let me know. I will square him away (and have).

    I think part of the problem is, men are afraid to be men of honor. They need to understand that power does not come from control of others, but control of self.

    • It’s too bad there aren’t more men like you in the world today. Unfortunately, many of today’s males grew up in dysfunctional families – some may not have had a strong father-figure to look up too.

      • Truthfully, I didn’t have one. I figured this out from the Bible. Paul wrote that a man should love a woman like Christ loved the church. That’s a pretty big yardstick.

        What I came to learn is that a father is the first man in the life a little girl that she will love. he also becomes the yardstick that every man in her life will be measured by. So I make my yardstick as big as I can. I want their man to be better than me. so far they’re on track.

  2. Good post! I agree with you 100%. It’s about time that women stand up for themselves and say “Enough is enough!” What angers me is that fear kept these women quiet. No man should hold that much power over any woman. I’m glad that Weinstein’s going down. He was a huge player in the entertainment field and I hope he gets a prison sentence and actually does time. Unfortunately, there will be other male predators to take his place 🙁

    I truly hope that ALL women – actresses, models, and regular women alike – will take this tragic incident to heart. Saying no and fighting back against sexual harassment should be the norm, not a rare random event. Even if a woman should lose her job, a movie role, or her reputation over speaking out, it’s worth it. Take the man to court, tell the media, and let your voice be heard! 🙂


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