iCloud Drive (Thinking Loudly)

Although I have never liked Reddit and I don’t post much there, I enjoy reading comments and contributions from redditors especially when I want to decide on something. It’s a complicated platform with strict & harsh rules sometimes.

I posted there some technical opinions about Apple iCloud Drive. In case you’re interested, here is the link:

iCloud Drive – Folder Sharing – Thinking Loudly

Hmm, I know this has been discussed many times. People say that iCloud is mainly for synchronizing and not for backups. Based on this, I’m just wondering why then iCloud offers extra storage space to buy?!

For photos and videos only? There are alternatives… I prefer Apple ecosystem though! Otherwise, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive might be good alternatives. Hence, to move totally to Apple’s, I still have many files and documents (not only photos) that I need to share (edit or view) with others, e.g., family. Except for photos and videos, I believe that apps sync and other backups won’t exceed the 50GB


  1. No online storage is a backup alone; there should be offline ones.
  2. Security?! They already allow sharing on file level or through other apps that use iCloud!
  3. I know that some programming files might be distorted if stored on iCloud.
  4. I’m assuming that iCloud mail isn’t being used as it might consume a lot of storage.

On the other side, allowing folder sharing means that iCloud Drive is becoming a real competitor for other similar services (Dropbox, OneDrive, …). Will they fight back?! Furthermore, if Apple allowed it, there should be an indicator of being uploaded. And, there should be an option to download full folder on iCloud Drive website. It’s a lot of work…

Edit: Additional note – On travel, one might not have all the trusted devices with them. Unfortunately, apple security handles trusted devices and trusted phone numbers only. No trusted emails! Restoring the same SIM number might take time and usually is done at home not in a foreign country.

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