Eva Mout, visual artist who tries to cover many subjects.
A geography student covering architecture, studying, environment, Central Europe, and other.
How to arrange your mental kitchen so you can cook up some great art, stories, or songs.
I am a reminder, a splash of cold water.
The main blog for the writer polly macdavid, poet & essayist, living in Western New York.
Cristian Mihai’s blog is one of the oldest consistent blogs out there.
Day-Dreamer, Moon-Gazer, Confirmed Contrarian, Artist, Frustrated Cartoonist, Perennial Fish Out of Water
The detailing of a young adults struggles with adulthood and manhood in the form of poetry and short stories.
where all dreams are hopeful and lucid: a space for art and literature
Join former Private Investigator and Correctional Officer, Mark Bierman in an eclectic mix of twisty tales and amusing stories.
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