Women Islamic veil might hinder your performance; but all are wearing face masks now!
Borders were closed against Syrian refugees; but travel is banned for all now!

To protect ourselves, we should always keep the following clean: BODY, ENVIRONMENT, and ETHICS

Do you think wars will stop for 14 days too?

Prayers for all to be safe and healthy


34 thoughts on “Cleaning”

  1. It would be a surprising upside to the virus if war ceased. Nature biological weapon—though it’s actually a virus. So virologist weapon to end war. Peace will be nice for however long it lasts. Maybe we could figure out a way to make peace stick—once and for all.

    • Thank you, Kirizar, for your opinion.
      Wow, a lot are using the conspiracy theory approach in observing coronavirus. Based on this, the virus will not stop the war. Rather, worst is yet to come.
      Hope you and your family are safe and healthy


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