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Are you a blogger looking for a free way to attract more people to your site? MK Blog Directory (MKBD) is a place where bloggers can submit their sites to be displayed in categories, making it easier for people to discover them. Hundreds of websites have been listed already. It’s a community where you can meet other like-minded bloggers too. Even if you’re not a blogger, you can find a new blog you might not have found without the MKBD. Hope this directory to be a great step in promoting our blogs; and hope this introduction covers the first MK Blog Directory – FAQ: What is MKBD!

Please submit your blog site (100% free) to the Blog Directory and spread the word about it!

Why MK Blog Directory?!

  • Find blogs of a specific category; and/or find bloggers of similar interests.
  • Drive more traffic to your blog and enhance its SEO. Search engines like to crawl websites in such directories*.
  • I believe it’s the first of kind for bloggers by a blogger. And unlike others, it’s human moderated directory.
  • It’s 100% FREE!

*There are many factors under this topic.

How to submit your blog site?

First, please refer to the Privacy Policy and Terms.

Second, please visit

Click on add listing (or “List your Blog Site”)

submit your blog to Blog Directory 1

Then, provide some details about your blog (category, title, description, URL, …). That’s all! The following short clip explains it all in simple way:

Further, if you like, you may use one of the directory’s badges.

What are blog tags?

They are keywords that describe your blog or the main topics it covers… A tag could be a sub-category; i.e., accounting is a subcategory of Finance. For better performance, try to avoid repeating the main categories names in the tags field…

Edit your blog details?

Send email to using the email you used to submit your blog URL with the required updates or delete request.

No. All links to the blog sites listed on the blog directory are nofollow. However, you can buy dofollow link for your listed blog site.

Blog Directory – FAQ are not clear?

Suggestions? Missing category? Rating system? Allowing link’s comments? Technical issues?… Don’t hesitate to write a comment below…

P.S., please check this post. If the offer is open, you will earn money for spreading the word about this directory.

18 thoughts on “MK Blog Directory – FAQ & Info”

    • Thank you, Rich, for your kind words. Yes, that would be great. Meanwhile, you can use tags if a category is missing. I mean let’s if you blog about children books, you may post your blog under books and use “Children Books” as one tag…

  1. Thanks for providing this. I assume you can use tags if your blog has more than one area of interest (mine would be religion, outdoors, books, and travel with an occasional poem or piece of memoir).


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