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I started to dance as early as I can remember, but could only fully fly when I reached 14. Since then, I made many discoveries and experienced the most intense highs and lows of anyone I know. Now I am older, and though I am most often grounded, I still carry on my passions the best that I can. Here I will let my fingers dance and my mind fly writing about various topics that interest me. These include, but are not limited to mental health topics, nature, cooking, dance, and birds.

New Jersey and You, Perfect Together

Princeton Carnegie lake2

A scenic historic spot in central New Jersey

Huge thanks to Mohamad Al Karbi for the invite to guest write in his wonderful blog’s “Around the World” section. I’ve enjoyed Mohamad’s blog since the beginning of my time on WordPress, and have much appreciated his support of mine. He asked me to write the post below about where I come from, and I am excited to do so.

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