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São Gonçalo – Brazil

São Gonçalo isn’t as famous as Rio de Janeiro, although they are apart from each other only a few kilometers. Rio has all the glam due to its beaches, sightseeings and historical background. No wonder it was Brazil’s capital during two centuries (1612-1815) and is one of the most visited cities in the world.

That is precisely why I chose not to discuss it. Everyone is talking about it, whether it is in terms of politics, typical touristic spots or violence. Since I am a fan of the unspoken and unseen, I decided on providing you with a modest outline of my hometown.

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WordPress Theme: Olsen Light

Hello, everybody. I’m Renata and I was kindly asked by Mohamad to write the first post in his series of articles reviewing Wordpress Themes. I’m a newbie in the beautiful world of blogging and I’m humbled by Mohamad’s invitation. I hope you enjoy my remarks regarding the Olsen Light theme. You are more than welcome to share your experiences in the comment section.

My experience with the Olsen Light theme


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