Spain: Does learning some Spanish grammar help you to get some bread?

This is a true story that Mohamad Al Karbi  has kindly invited me to write in his renowned “Around the World” weblog.

It’s the story of one of my first Spanish language experiences in Spain and it still makes me smile after all these years!

I know, I really do know. how it feels when you have to actually use your new language for the first time with native speakers of that language!

It’s a crazy feeling but I’ll never forget the euphoria I felt many years ago when I went into my first ever shop in Spain.

I wanted some ‘pan’ (bread), so logically the shop was  a ‘panadería’ (bread shop). You would have thought that would have been easy, right?

I thought that too, because I was so qualified…or  so I thought!

The ‘panadería’ was just like this! photo credit

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