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Hey ya'll, im your average blogger with absolutely nothing interesting to write but still want you to read it. Im living in the Middle East since six years and breathing sand, hummus and camels. I lived and worked a few years in Doha, Qatar and Im now living in Dubai, UAE. Im originally an eskimo from the north parts of the world, Sweden. I have a little daughter born Feb 2017, a husband and a rescue dog and my job is to make fun of them. Thanks for visiting!

Hej Hej Sweden!

Hello there, dear blogger world, this is a post from your fellow viking that will try to educate you about the country of Ikea and rotten fish. In the middle of putting together my IKEA furniture and combing my blond hair, I have been asked by Mr Mohamad to tell you a bit about my fantastic home country Sweden. First things first. Location:

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