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About The Fox

Who am I? I’m the Fox. Capricorn. Birthday on New Year’s Eve in the first year of the GenXer. Confirmed Single BTDT Bachelorette. Mom. Boy (always my baby). Chocolate Lab. Husky. Writer. Photographer. Painter (of many things). Belly-dancer. Orphan. Philosopher. Dog Rescuer. Friend. Chef and dishwasher. Master of my Domain. Daughter of Christ & stb Catholic. Amen. Circa 1965.

Extending a hand of help


Writing as Lisa Jobson from the eastern suburbs of Toronto, Ontario – and also known as the Fox – for Mohamad.

We read each other’s blogs because of our common language; IT or Information Technology which is the foundation of the digital world.   We also share a love of other topics – weaving poetry into writing and photography.  We are in entirely different corners of the world, or are we?  There are no corners on this globe.

The story deepens so stay tuned!

God bless,