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About Sarah Gillie

Qualified and experienced Specialist Teacher Assessor offering diagnostic assessment for specific learning difficulties, tutoring, advice and training for parents and educators. Sharing ideas and experiences in an effort to lighten the load on our learners. Doctoral research: Meeting individual needs through home education

Next Steps

I must start by thanking Mohamad for inviting me to write a guest blog. It’s a great honour!

My inspiration for this post is taken from our original interaction back in February this year, when Mohamad was the very first  parent to comment on my blog. I started blogging to share information and ideas with mainstream classroom teachers and parents. I wanted to raise awareness and share tips that can make our lives simpler as parents and teachers, but more importantly, I hoped that my blog might support some students who otherwise could get lost in the vast labyrinth of education. Mohamad’s comment on that early post let me know that the task I had set myself was worthwhile.

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