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When I wrote my previous post Scary Night, my daughter Sham got jealous of me and wrote her novel “Jollybean” the Demon! Now, it’s my turn to get jealous. I saw her last joke The sheep joke… so I thought I can write one too! But remember, I don’t speak politics hehehe. Here is the joke:

They asked him why your relationship with your wife is always peaceful and no fight ever?! He replied that is because we agreed since the beginning that she gives her opinions and takes decisions in small things leaving me the big ones – for example: What house or car to buy; what school we choose for our kids; what destinations to travel to; the suitable husbands for our daughters…

They yelled “What’s left for you then?!”.

He replied “I told you, I give my opinions in big and strategic things only such as Yemeni war, Iraqi war, Palestinian peace, Syria crisis, environmental pollution, ozone hole, and so on…!!!!!!

– – –

Honestly, I never found better than a shared activity between married couples to maintain the love in a relationship. Let’s say, an activity that is done by both of them on a periodic basis. Such as prayers, sport, …

May the love and peace be with you all.

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  1. This amused me because Bill and I have a similar arrangement…sort of. I make all of the decisions. He defers to me on almost everything. But there have been two times in our marriage where he wanted something and deferred to his wishes. He wanted our cottage on the lake and a big garage. When he wants something, it’s big! But I almost always agree because I know that he would never even bring it up unless it was very important to him. 🙂

    • I wish you both always a happy and blessed life. I’m pretty sure you’re living wonderful life. But that’s a good point, even if the decision is with one party, the cooperation and understanding the requests of the other one is important. If I ever visited your area, you must invite me to this cottage please 😀

  2. I do not speak politics either. I am sure your joke is quite funny, just the same. 😀

    I love this fun competition between you and your daughter. It brings back fond memories of things my father and I did, when I was a child. Thank you for sharing your family fun. I look forward to the next ’round’.


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