A Series about WordPress Themes

confusedI’m wondering if I made a series of posts reviewing different WordPress themes, will you find it interested? What do you expect to find in such posts – that’s, what are the factors that affect your decision in choosing a WP theme?

(Update: the category “WordPress Themes” is live now)

I’m thinking of the following – I’ll keep updating here based on the comments:

  • Theme name…
  • Screen shot of the theme…
  • How much this theme has been used?
  • What are the problems or errors faced if any?
  • Does it have extra settings? such as color options, display/hide comments count, author info, …
  • Does it have Logo Picture?
  • Does it have social menu?
  • Menu and widgets are on left/right side, on bottom, or on both?
  • Does it have mobile version?
  • Is featured image of the post clickable – linked to the post?
  • Do comments have navigation links before comments and after?
  • If applicable, was CSS customizing easy?
  • Does it support videos in header and sidebar?
  • Is it considered simple or complicated?
  • How pinned posts are handled? or does it show a list of featured posts in a specific way?
  • Was moving to the theme easy or caused problems and loosing data?
  • Is it clear when having guest authors?

Please refer to a previous discussion on similar topic.

22 thoughts on “A Series about WordPress Themes”

  1. The problem is I did not go through a lot of thought regarding my theme as I started with the basic WordPress. When I upgraded I had already made a few posts and heard it was difficult to change the theme. I would be intereasted.

  2. I’m glad you wrote this because I had trouble customizing my theme. Still not complete because it was hard to understand and navigate. To complicated. The one I really wanted was confusing and hard to set up. Went to an easier theme. Shared on LinkedIn.

  3. Wow! That would be nice. I have come to the point of not changing my theme because I end up spending all day trying to get it to do everything my previous one did and then usually end up going back to what I had. It’s frustrating and such a waste of time!

  4. I’m very excited about this series. I love all your technology posts (I could use all the help I can get, I don’t even have a cell phone or Facebook, let alone google- or the one Donald Trump uses to deliver state of the address speeches, what’s it called, oh Twitter?)

  5. Wonderful offering on your part.
    I get frustrated when sites do not load. Is it the site? Is it my archaic (win XP) computer?
    So many times, I do not comment or even like a post, because I cannot get it to load! So sad!
    Thank you….

    • Thank you, Ren. You may need to check the subject sites on other computer. I suspect Win XP might have some issues now as no one is supporting it any more. However, some sites are overloaded with ads, widgets and large-size pictures that make loading slower.

      • Hi Mohamad! I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I have decided to approach my nominations a bit differently this time. I am focusing on the first beautiful individuals that followed Growing Self. I just wanted to say thank you for taking a risk and hitting the follow button. I so appreciate you! You bring me sunshine daily! Love and Hugs, Roda
        Note:The post is scheduled for Monday.

      • I’m more than happy and honored to follow your blog. It’s wonderful and lovely. Its owner is one of my best friends on WordPress… Thank you so much for your kind words.

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