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I’ve been nominated! Help me to win CSS Web Award. Please give the blog a clap on this link.

21 thoughts on “CSS Web Award”

  1. Mohamad All Karbi should receive an award but he deserves more then that.I am from a family of doctors so I’m used to intelligent people. Mohammad is absolutely, positively a genius.He can take words and turn them into peace.If you need an explanation I will certainly provide that. This man is talented but in a way that most people can’t accomplish in a lifetime.I am a fussy reader and yet when I read anything written from Mohamad I automatically become part of his story feel the emotions, I can visualize the places and I am there. There is a very,very, very special talent that this man has.I feel that Mohamad could improve your business because all his ideas are right on the mark.You should offer Mohammad a paying job on here.I really, really hope that you realize that Mohammad is more than blogger.He is an outstanding business man that sees where you excel and he has fabulous ideas to improve your business.Mohamad should win your award and a top paid position with wordpress..

    • Wow, wow. That’s more than I deserve. Thank you so much for these nice words. This is an award by it self to have such words said about me. Thank you again. You’ve made my day


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