Unified experience on MacOS & Windows

I like to have the same experience on any operating system I use. So, usually, I prefer applications and services that are available on all platforms. At least, I feel that I’m not locked down into one company, hardware, or ecosystem.


First, “Nextcloud”. You can initiate your own server or use third party providers. With simple sign up at good provider such as Woelkli (free), you can get a Nextcloud service to store your contacts and calendars. This way, you can synchronize your contacts and calendar events to all your devices no matter what is the operating system. Nextcloud offers more service but I only use these.

Second, I talked earlier about Protonmail, Standard Notes, Cryptomator, and Firefox. Check my other post.

Third, “Nirvanahq” is an amazing example for applying Getting Things Done mythology. You won’t go wrong with this one. To be fair here, There are a lot of multiple platform to-do apps. But I prefer the one with GTD approach…

Forth, “Thunderbird” is an open source desktop application for managing emails and calendars. As it’s not Microsoft’s, I prefer it over outlook for managing my non-Exchange mails..

Fifth, “LibreOffice”. It’s another open source app that I prefer over MS Office, Google Docs, and iWorks for personal use. You might need to have them ready though for cooperation with others if any.

Sixth, more apps:

  • iA Writer (check my previous post)
  • SimpleMind for mind mapping
  • PDFelement. On MacOS, PDF expert has few extra features.
  • Affinity Photo & Design.
  • Reaper for audio editing and mixing. Apple Logic Pro X might be more smooth on MacOS but it’s more expensive of course and it’s not available on Windows’.
  • For video editing, It’s clear that nothing can compete with Final Cut Pro on MacOS. I like Davinci Resolve; but I found it more smooth on Windows.

1 thought on “Unified experience on MacOS & Windows

  1. mainepaperpusher

    So many fun things to check out! I also like apps that go across platforms. I tend to live in the Apple world, but I still keep a Windows server. It’s handy to have around for those things that are Windows-only, even if I do try to keep those to a minimum. I hope you and your family are well, my friend.



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