Italian Coffee

I like to do this coffee a lot at home. Italian Coffee (Lavazza) in Italian way (Moka Pot). This isn’t a commercial for the coffee or the pot. It’s a commercial for me editing videos 🙂


I usually work with Final Cut movie editor. During this period, I’m trying to test Davinci Resolve. Please refer to my earlier post “More in Video Editing“. Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve, and Adobe Premier are the big three names in video editing world.

more on my Video Gallery:


4 thoughts on “Italian Coffee

  1. magickmermaid

    I completely forgot I have a coffee pot like that. 🙂 Just checked out some of your videos that I haven’t seen. The beach in Oman looks really nice. The temple is exquisite. I hope that little yellow bird found its way home.
    Happy New Year to you and your family!


  2. updownflight

    It is 7:30 am where I am now. I wish I could miraculously have my coffee brewed that quickly ☕ 😁

    I used to have the same type of coffee pot. I forget what happened to it.



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