Wish I can do more to support them

The ex-husband of a close friend of mine has passed away few days ago. He left wonderful children behind filled with pain and sorrow. In order to support the kids (this might mean a lot to them), I’m posting this here for those interested in:

  1. Writing condolence on The Obituary Page (https://forestfuneralhome.com/tribute/details/15384/Jason-Laing/obituary.html)
  2. Attending the Celebration of Life or just stop in – Friday at: McKay Park, Toronto (detailed address is at the link above).

I’m not sure about the cultural differences regarding this topic… In Syria, we attend funerals & related ceremonies and offer our condolences even for those we don’t know!

7 thoughts on “Wish I can do more to support them

  1. Ren

    Wow, what can one say at t time like this? My heart goes out to the kids and their families and to friends like you.

    I love your Syrian funeral traditions and they have enlightened me greatly. Thank you!! I must be honest here and admit, I was surprised to see the asking for a tribute to someone I do not know. To someone who is not in the “flood lights” of fame. To someone who is simply a beautiful soul of a human. This is very special, Mohamad. Thank you for sharing this and opening my eyes and my heart even more.
    I know the loss of a loved one with kids is a tough one to bare. I shall now go pay tribute. Hugz to you Mohamad, have faith that all is well and know that nothing is as it seems.

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