More on CISA

I don’t know exactly the algorithm used by WordPress to show our our posts in their search or streaming system. Lately, I noticed a lot of traffic on an old post.

I’m very grateful and thankful for all the comments on my earlier post I have passed the CISA exam. And, of course, for all the emails I received too.


To explain more: After passing the exam, one should provide additional requirements to ISACA regarding his/her experience in this field, upon which, the certificate is granted. Thanks God, few months after passing the exam, I received the official CISA certificate and I became a Certified Information System Auditor… 😀

8 thoughts on “More on CISA

  1. Ren

    When you “Like” a post, I get email notice and 3 suggested posts to view. Most recently, your 3 have been — I have passed the CISA exam — Again, our data — Formatting our posts
    I often wonder if we can choose the 3 to view for my blog. I do not think so.
    Hope this helps

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