Again, our data!

Jeune femme d'affaire déprimée 4Shortly, I haven’t bought any of Huawei’s products nor recommended them ever! Regardless of the political or ethical background behind the cutting off decision, I believe it’s time to think again. Is it safe to have all of our data in one place? Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, … they can pull the plug any time on us for a reason or no reason whatsoever.

Google once punished me for life and banned me from using AdSense service for something beyond my knowledge or intention. Furthermore, they refused my appeal!

Please refer to my other post: How to leave Google

At least, let’s do ourselves a favor and have offline backup(s) of our data – just in case. This has nothing to do with trust 🙂

21 thoughts on “Again, our data!

  1. williamrablan

    Having you data in more places than one is the best idea in the world. You just never know what’s going to happen.

    My setup is a little like this. First, I have a loal backup. Not one, but two. One goes to a plain old fashioned Seagate drive plugged into my system. The other goes to a SAMBA share on an old workstation I turned into a Linux server. From there it goes to a cloud provider.

    Once a quarter I burn to DVDs. this has financial information, inventories, novels I’ve written or working on, and one copy goes to the old fireproof safe, and the other to a safety deposit box.

    1. Mohamad Al Karbi

      That’s good one. Quality backups on multiple locations (better be far) are good one. Honestly, I never exceed the two backups. Thank you very much, William, for sharing your experience and for bringing the idea of using old devices as servers too 🙂

  2. SueW

    I used to double back up all data. These day I back Daily up to an external hard drive and photos to iCloud and Dropbox

    1. Mohamad Al Karbi

      Thank you very much, Sue, for sharing your experience. I do similar way. I use online backup (which is actually not a real backup) along with two local backups.

  3. mainepaperpusher

    After seeing a bazillion ads in facebook for something I’d searched for on Google, I got fed up. The one search engine I found that does not keep or sell your data is DuckDuckGo. Stupid name, but if they don’t sell my data, I think they are great!

      1. mainepaperpusher

        My dear friend, leave it to you to teach me something new! I have yet to learn about !g and the others. I have some research to do now, and I know just where I’ll search for it! 🤗💕🤗💕🤗

      2. Mohamad Al Karbi

        You’re most welcome any time <3
        When add "!g" to the end of your search term in DuckDuckGo, it opens the results in Google search. "!b" opens Bing. So, switching when needed is very easy

  4. kirizar

    I’ll admit to being a little dense when it comes to services. (I still don’t understand how Cloud servers work, I just know my Apple phone keeps trying to sell me more clouds, for some reason.) A friend has helped me to at least slightly understand an external drive so that I won’t face losing years worth of photographs like I’ve done when my computers inevitably crash. Unfortunately, I belong to a pre-digital age. I don’t entirely trust anything that I can’t hold and see in my own two hands. So, I will probably become extinct like all the other dinosaurs did. Hopefully I will be resurrected some day in a new technology similar to Jurassic Park sequels.

    1. Mohamad Al Karbi

      You’re here and showed double experience. One of utilizing the technology you’ve learned. Second, is your wonderful way of writing and using the words…. I always feel the same when I read your blogs; I don’t want for them to finish; I want to keep reading…. I don’t believe normal user will need more than 50GB of Apple’s

      1. Mohamad Al Karbi

        It depends. The main things consume your Apple storage are photos and videos. People usually store photos and videos on other places such as: Google Photos (free & unlimited but not preferred for videos), YouTube (free-videos), Dailymotion (free-videos), OneDrive (1TB with Office 365), or Facebook (photos & videos but I don’t like it). Other data won’t exceed the 50GB. Some argue that the default free Apple package of 5GB is enough; for me, it’s not!

  5. -Eugenia

    Excellent information! I have the cloud and also a hard drive backup, which is probably not enough. Thanks to this post, I will seek better backup alternatives.


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