I’m not in love with dinosaurs any more

Yes, I’m not in love with dinosaurs any more. I just want to forget this part of my life.


When I was kid, I used to have a dinosaur as my pet! We were very close friends. But I had to let it go when it starts eating more than one person a day! My neighborhood refused to accept more than a person per day!

One of the most sad goodbye in my life…

We have never seen each other since then!

It’s April Fools’ Day – everybody lies today!! hehehe

To be honest, everyone lies everyday – there are exceptions of course. At least, we know it in this day; but we often don’t know in the other days.

19 thoughts on “I’m not in love with dinosaurs any more”

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  2. Hmmm, I think I saw it walking into the Colorado State Capitol building a block away from where I work. Unfortunately, since politicians aren’t people in the traditional sense, it will probably starve in there.

      1. Maybe the dinosaurs were the inspiration for the dragons! Tell Sham that her joke will be featured on Friday. Tell her I’ll take more if she wants to send them. I send hugs to you and to her, too!

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