T-Team Series — Talipata

TALIPATA—The Spring Way Out West

G’day, Lee-Anne Marie here from Australia. First of all, many thanks to Mohamad Al Karbi who has offered the opportunity to post the T-Team adventure series, for all to enjoy travel in Australia.

In this episode, the T-Team boldly go where few people have gone before…way out west of Alice Springs and into Indigenous Luritja country. The T-Team’s challenge, to find the hidden spring in Mount Palmer.]

[An Extract from Trekking With the T-Team: Central Australian Safari 1981]

A gentle breeze carried the scent of sweet spring water as well as the sound of rustling leaves. With the hope that our search was over, Dad and I picked up speed passing the plodding young men.

dadca77003 (2)

[Photo 1: At last! The right gorge © C.D. Trudinger 1977]

‘This is Talipata,’ Dad said as he charged through the grove of gums.

‘Yes! This is Talipata!’ I shouted and ran after him to see the welcome old cattle trough.

Dad placed a hand on the rim of rusted steel. ‘Remember Mr. B bathing in here?’

I looked in the basin. ‘He wouldn’t have much fun in that now. It’s as dry as a bone.’

‘I think we’ll need to do something about fixing the pipe,’ Dad said. ‘At least we won’t have to ration our water.’

Talipata Way

[Photo 2: Way up Talipata Gorge © C.D. Trudinger 1981]

We proceeded up the gully to Talipata Spring. The burbling sounds of running water grew louder, patches of wet sand and pebbles appeared, and as we drew closer, the population of ferns multiplied becoming dense, and lush. Talipata is an important source of water for the local indigenous people, as it is an eternal spring welling up from within a subterranean reservoir within Mt. Palmer.

Talipata in Mt palmer

[Photo 3: Mt Palmer © C.D. Trudinger 1981]

Dad scampered up the gully to reach the spring pool first. The rest of us, having had to ration our water the night before, raced after him, jostling each other to be next.

Talipata gorgeEPSON scanner imageEPSON scanner image

[Photos 4, 5, & 6: View over and beyond Talipata Gorge © C.D. Trudinger 1981]

EPSON scanner image

[Photo 7: View from Talipata Gorge over land to the north. Mt. Liebig Range in distance © C.D. Trudinger 1981]

Talipata sunrise

[Photo 8: Talipata Sunrise © C.D. Trudinger 1981]

Upon arrival at the pool streaming sparkling pure water, Dad leaned down on his hands and knees and lapped it like a dog. The rest of us cupped our hands in this pure elixir and drank.

EPSON scanner imageEPSON scanner imageEPSON scanner image

[“As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God.” Psalm 42:1 Photos 9, 10, & 11: Talipata Spring with ferns and reflections. © C.D. Trudinger 1981]

EPSON scanner image

[Photo 12: Waterhole from Above © C.D. Trudinger 1981]


© Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2017; Updated 2019
Feature Photo from slide: Talipata Spring © C.D. Trudinger 1981


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