About the Facebook Group…

As you may remember, I made a Facebook group named “Promote Your Blog Posts” where members can share the link of their blog post there in order to get more likes:



Please refer to my previous post: Get more Facebook likes for your post

However, I feel things are getting out of control there. People are posting external links, pics, and videos – not only links to the blog posts.

I’d appreciate your advice. Do you think it’d be better to force some rules that only WordPress links are allowed? Or, it’s better to keep it as it right now, open for every thing, which is not the purpose of course!



7 thoughts on “About the Facebook Group…

  1. Carolyn Page

    I closed my FB account some months past, Mohamad; it didn’t appeal to me as WP does.
    My advise would be to follow your original thoughts and instructions. Otherwise it sounds to me like ‘abuse’.


  2. ren

    I am not fan of facebook! Never have been! I feel fb does not serve the right purpose for humanity and now your concerns of “needing rules” on your innocent fb page is clearly proving my point.

    I believe, if you do not want the riff-raff in your fb page, then you need to stand guard at the gate and card everyone for proper admittance.

    In addition, if your fb page is “no longer serving its purpose”, then that says a lot. As well as your statement of “things are getting out of control there.”

    If “open for everything” is not the purpose of your page, then…… What do YOU feel you should do? Ultimately, the choice is yours. What does YOUR gut say to do?

    Rather than “forcing rules” now and becoming a mean guy, maybe your “path of least resistance” is closing that page and starting a new, more monitored, more ‘ruled’ page. New is good! 😀 But once you set rules, you will have to monitor it to make sure they are followed. I imagine, the ones who are spamming now, are the ones who don’t care about rules anyway, for they obviously are not conscious of their consciousness or have any cares of what the page is for.



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