A day at Souq Waqif / Doha

The famous and old market of Doha. It was a day full of activities. Hope you enjoy the video:


12 thoughts on “A day at Souq Waqif / Doha

  1. mainepaperpusher

    Mohammad, it is a joy to see you back! That was quite a day in Doha. I would have never guessed there would be bagpipes there! There are so many cool things to see! It was so great to see Sham enjoying the festivities, too. She is just adorable.

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  2. Paola

    Dear Mohammad, I’m very happy to read again about you. Thank you for the video, it’s really funny and interesting for me, I never went to Doha so far (but my younger son is in Oman right now to celebrate the New Year). So the litthe girl is your daughter, she is so nice! I hope you and all your family are well now.

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