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A quick update to my previous post (Do you use personal accounting / finance software?)


Quicken 2018 is much better in comparing to previous versions I tried earlier. The blurring and other display issues were fixed. However:

  1. It’s slow in general; navigation is even slower.
  2. Video card compatibility. The screen flickers and flashes a lot.
  3. Mobile app is outdated. Synchronizing isn’t available for non USD accounts.


After 2 months with this app, I can tell that it’s one of the best. However:

  1. The web version is missing some important features/tools in comparing to mobile app. Mainly: debts, export, reports, group sharing, and some advanced filter options.
  2. Filtering by Payee isn’t available nor is the auto complete for Payees.
  3. Changing the currency rate is affecting the historical data. I believe currency rate should be processed on transaction level.

The guys there are very cooperative though. I noticed a lot of updates in short period. So, I’m very optimistic that a lot of enhancements are coming soon.


This is still my preferred one. A work around fix for the display issue on Windows 10 machines with High DPI screens:

App Proprieties / Compatibility / Change High DPI Settings / Override scaling by Application. Of course, you need to enlarge the app’s font later (and restart)


Things will look much better except for two things:

1- Budget isn’t scaling correctly (very large). You can choose “Mixed Intervals” type to overcome this issue.
2- Pop up windows need to be enlarged manually. Some keep (memorize) the new bigger size and some don’t.

6 thoughts on “Personal Accounting Software – Extra Info

  1. Debbie Bugezia

    Nice information thanks for sharing. Another one you might check out is EveryDollar app and website. It was created by Dave Ramsey group. Now I don’t follow him or buy his products. But the app and using the website is free. I don’t connect my banking information either. It really helped me get my budget under control and I like the zero dollar budget concept. Paying off debt is done with a “snowball” effect which is different than what typically happens. It did work for me too. I use the app on my iPhone and the website on my iPad. Thanks again for sharing.

    1. Mohamad Al Karbi

      Thank you Debbie for the valuable input. I’ll check that for sure. Me too, i don’t like to share my banking information. The most important thing is the software (app) works for you and give you the result (analysis) you need.


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