Shawarma and Falafel

Shawarma_FalafelShawarma and Falafel are traditional dishes of Syria. Although both are famous in the neighborhood, they are best served in Syria.

The two videos below were shooted by my camera while in Syria / Damascus – 2010.

Bon Appétit


Grilled lamp or chicken…


Fried chickpeas & ground beans with spices – Vegetarian dish

Have you got a chance to try Shawarma and/or Falafel?

45 thoughts on “Shawarma and Falafel

      1. Hussein Allam

        Most welcome, Mohamed! I think, i have to write about it, but you know honestly, i have written about street restaurants here in Jordan, and what they serve sort of like these foods. But why not? I have to write about this type separately. 👍😊😉

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      2. Hussein Allam

        Sorry dear Mohamad for late replying, i would like to inform you that i have replied to your email. As i included one request, idk if you accept or not. Please, check it out. Thank you so much for giving the access to your blog’s site. Much appreciated🙂 have a wonderful friday😉

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  1. Joanna Lynn

    That was cool watching them being made. Love how they warm or brown the tortillas. We had a chance to have both quite often when my oldest and I were in Israel. I’m not a chickpea or lamb fan, but the chicken was good!

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