A note about WordAds Earnings

Cash-dollarsI believe there is a real enhancement in WordAds revenue. I usually receive around $3 a month. This month, October’s earnings were around $14.

I noticed an increase in traffic to my blog. However, I think this was supported by better ads performance comparing to the earlier situation. Moreover, it seems that WordPress is displaying more ads from Google AdSense program.

Please refer to my previous post: Do you display ads on your blog?

What about you, have you noticed increasing in your ads revenue?


36 thoughts on “A note about WordAds Earnings

  1. intenttowin

    I realize that I am shooting myself in the foot, but I don’t want to advertise on my blog. I get really annoyed with so much chaos going on that I can’t read the post I have chosen to read. There is great money in it or it wouldn’t be so popular but I have been known to stop reading when a video ad interrupts me. Even on facebook posts now. A five minute video has a 30 second commercial. Call me old fashioned call me broke but I don’t like all the commercials.

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    1. Mohamad Al Karbi Post author

      I understand your point Darlene. It’s a valid point. On WordPress, ads are on three places that aren’t disturbing your reading experience. I also did my best to optimize it even more on my blog. Unfortunately, other sites and those on WP.org are neglecting this important point. Ads should be reasonable and not disturbing… Yet I have concern regarding privacy, I might advise using Adblock extensions on your browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, …)

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      1. intenttowin

        Thank you for understanding. I tutor an older friend of mine who called me to work on his computer. He thought something was wrong with his computer or browser because he had all this stuff everywhere that he didn’t used to have. I had to explain about all the extra ads in everything. I can try Adblock. Thanks. But if you block the ads can you still read the original information?

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