What do we need from Social Media?

SocialIconsMediaLet me re-phrase the question this way:

Does a normal person need an account on each of the social platforms: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, …?!

From blogging prospective, I need the following:

Announcements & updates

I might need to send a status update every now and then. Twitter does it perfectly. Honestly, Twitter is my preferred one. I use it to express my tech opinions too. But whenever a tweet isn’t enough, a blog post can do it. I might also tweet links to some of my blog posts.

G+1s for the links of my blog posts

Yet it’s a perfect tool that has the best of all other social platforms, Google+ couldn’t compete with Facebook and Twitter. I still need the +1s though. I’ve talked earlier about the importance of Google +1s for the blog posts. So, I’m having the links of all my blog posts being shared to my Google+ account in a hope they get more +1s.

FB Likes for the links of my blog posts

To avoid bothering friends and family with my business issues or hobbies, I created my Twitter account. I also had to create a Facebook page for the same purpose and to be a place where I share the links of all my blog posts hoping they get as much FB likes as possible. As I mentioned earlier in another post, the number of Facebook Likes might not be as important as the number of Google +1s.
Relatively, you may join the “Promote Your Blog Posts” group on Facebook.


I store my pictures on Flickr and use them directly from there on my blog to avoid storage limitation if any. I used OneDrive once – check my other post (HERE). I also considered Instagram before getting back to Flickr. However, I found Flickr is more organized. Instagram is photos social tool rather than a storage tool. As for videos, I use Dailymotion.

Driving Traffic

Unless you’re a very famous person that has a lot of (real) followers, social media are not good in this part without paying money. This point is very arguable though. Personally, I use Twitter ads as I explained in “How to drive traffic to your website” article…


51 thoughts on “What do we need from Social Media?

  1. brilliantviewpoint

    I was exhausted reading this post… not your writing, but I feel the same way. It’s interesting that when a author publishes a book they need to have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a Blog/website too. Seems to me they are posting the same information everywhere – it’s too tiring. I gave up Facebook and I feel very happy! GREAT post, I hope one day we realize we don’t need ALL of these social outlets.

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    1. Mohamad Al Karbi Post author

      Thank you very much for you comments. I was glad to know about your blog too. It’s wonderful. Yes, you won’t loose if you’re not using Facebook. However, if you want to communicate because of a book or something, it’s good to concentrate on one medium. If you have a little extra time, you can utilize the rest in favor of the main one. That’s, I concentrate on my blog and Twitter. The rest are serving my blog’s needs without much involvements…

      I use Facebook mainly to keep in touch with family and friends as I live away. That’s, a place to know when someone has a baby, pass an exam, gets married, passed away, … Unfortunately, FB is turning into a bothering tool as everyone is sharing nonsense of jokes, links, or copy and paste from others, … Not to mention that no one is reading – they just record a like!

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  2. williamrablan

    Hmm, here’s an idea that will make someone millions. A single App that can update all of them at the same time.

    I really do need to get a little more into this, not to live my life out there like so many od, but to promote books and so on.

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    1. Mohamad Al Karbi Post author

      Thank you very much, William. It’d be very good idea. There are few apps / services that do a similar process such as Hootsuite and Dlvr.it. However, no one is complete. All are missing something! WordPress is doing well here – not perfect though.

      I totally agree. They are useful in promoting… We have to use social media but not allow them to use us! 🙂


    1. Mohamad Al Karbi Post author

      Hmm, unfortunately, some communities are not totally controlled/observed. That’s, I noticed the same in many communities. I’m sorry, Michael, that you had bad experience with Google+.

      Google+ couldn’t and won’t be able to compete with Facebook for sure. However, sharing our posts’ links there is rewarding as I explained earlier. That’s how I mainly use G+; sharing links and +1 the links of my friends.

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