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“Facebook Likes” might not be as important as Google +1s. Please refer to my post: Why it’s important to share links on Google+. However, it is still a good way for promoting your post(s). Honestly, engagements on Facebook pages are limited without paying money. So, I thought of this idea and I hope it works well:

I made a Facebook group named “Promote Your Blog Posts”. You may share the link of your blog post there. You may also try to like one or more of the links shared by others in this group:

Hopefully, our blog posts will get more FB likes through this… [I stopped the group till i configure it up in a better way. I’ll update you]

P.S., in case you noticed that your link isn’t showing correctly on Facebook or the count of likes isn’t correct, try to fetch the link’s information again on:

26 thoughts on “Get more Facebook likes for your post”

  1. I like the “Promote your blog” idea. I’ve been having problems with Facebook inconsistently posting the photos are included. And I don’t always understand their directions on the debug. Sometimes it says “It must be at least 200 x 200” and it is! Let me know if you have any thoughts?

    Google+ is much better!

    1. Hi Georgia, I don’t like Facebook and consider it unstable yet it’s very important social and web tool. Usually WordPress takes good care of the image issues when sharing on social media such as Facebook. However, I often face a problem when I set WP to auto post to Facebook. To solve this, I run fetch new information for the URL (through the link provided above) after the post. Let me know exactly about what page are you talking about to check it for you if you like.

      If you’re programming your website by your self, make sure of the “og:image” meta in the header of page’s code. I don’t have a clue about the following but I usually do it: I set my website as an application in FB developer and provide the “fb:app_id” in the code.

    1. Neither do I, Franci. Unfortunately, Facebook is a must nowadays. I tried to manage it by using it rarely and on occasions. Thank you very much and my greetings to your husband

  2. and i think fanspage more important than group on facebook, because fanspage show at on your wall but seldom for group, we must to enter group so that swe can see post

    1. Thank you very much for your visit, Sufratul Aini. I believe so. Theoretically speaking, Facebook pages are more public. However, I don’t think it’s a secret that FB pages are not very helpful. Your posts won’t be delivered to your fans without paying – unless of course someone is really intending visiting your page. This group is public; that’s, everyone with Facebook account should be able to see the posts. I hate FB but there is no way to avoid it for promoting our websites. P.S, G+ is way better in this field. But after all, it’s a try and I hope it’ll have some success

    1. Well, I somehow agree with this. However, I always say, we should not put all our eggs in one basket! Let’s use these services rationally; they are tools that can be utilized to our needs.

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