Wrocław, WrocLOVE! :) Polish beauty!

Wrocław was the city I visited this summer. I totally fell in love, oh my, with absolutely everything from railway station to the main square, from Wroclaw ZOO to all vegan bars. Here you have the main station and square, enjoy 🙂



Right after the arrival we went to very delicious Wege Kuchnia Świata and had two beautiful babies: a burger and a falafel ❤ Vegan burger, of course! (here I should say that I totally and regularly die for vegan burgers in Warsaw – Krowarzywa, but let me make it the part of another topic) ❤


Did you know that Wrocław is the city of… dwarfs? 🙂 They are everywhere!
And loads of fountains!

There are two monuments in Wrocław which were particularly touching to me, first referring to Katyn massacre from 1940 (NKVD) and the second to the WWII itself… So touching…


You MUST visit the city 🙂 It’s not even half as beautiful in the pictures as in reality ❤

For the second part and more in general, I cordially invite you to visit me on mofosuperheroe.wordpress.com and to my FB page Mofosuperheroe 🙂

Thank you ❤

24 thoughts on “Wrocław, WrocLOVE! :) Polish beauty!

  1. Carolyn Page

    Yes, Wroclaw is beautiful; though, we were there for such a short time. We were in Poland for a mineral convention, which took us into the country areas. The people were the main interest for me. Everyone was so hospitable and friendly.

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    1. mofosuperheroe Post author

      Wrocław is amazing! ❤ I loved little dwarves which are literally everywhere 🙂 an interesting fact is that dwarves were primarily anticommunist paintings on communist symbols and that's how they became a part of this lovely city 🙂 and generally, if you want to see some other pictures of Wrocław, I cordially invite you to visit my blog! LOVE ❤

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      1. mofosuperheroe Post author

        Thank you very much! ^_^ I love travelling and plan to visit German cities soon (I dream about Potsdam now) and would love to take tons of pictures ❤ like here in Poland. I regret only that I have no good camera 😦 LOVE! ❤

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