Do you use Evernote?

Evernote_OneNoteI’m an Evernote pro user since 2011 and I love it. My whole stuffs are in my hand anytime and anywhere. Journals, notes, documents, articles, codes, files (not the large ones of course), health records, …

As I’m a big fan of Microsoft, I tried to use OneNote last year for good amount of time and I thought I might migrate to OneNote. Honestly, I couldn’t! But for sure, you won’t go wrong with any of those apps.

OneNote is totally free. It can do a lot and can replace Evernote. Its free style, i.e., one can write anywhere of the note, is preferred by many but not by me. Furthermore, I found it difficult without tags and pinned notes – OneNote’s tagging system has different approach that I don’t like. I also faced some difficulties in handling files and large notes. I’m getting back to Evernote and I wish they consider the following:


Believe it or not, I store a lot of my files on Evernote. However, moving a file from a note to another might sometimes result in losing the file. I’m also thinking of what if my files have increased beyond the monthly quota allowed by Evernote?! (even premium users have a limit). Relatively, when a note contains many files, scrolling is glitching on Windows desktop application.

A lot might argue though that Evernote wasn’t meant for files! Maybe… 😉


Printing on Windows desktop app is a nightmare when a note contains underlined fonts.

Right to left

Many languages such as Arabic are right to left languages. This isn’t fully supported. While I’m still able to paste from MS Word, this still has some shortages. I wonder why they haven’t applied a right to left button in the editor yet!

Google Drive

As part of being hosted on Google’s Cloud Platform, Evernote utilize Google Drive in a very good way. However, for me, I prefer some other cloud services… Options are the key.

OneNote, on the other hand, supports better Arabic on their desktop application (only). However, synchronizing isn’t as fast or reliable as in Evernote too. I also prefer text scanning on Evernote over the one provided by OneNote or Office Lens.

The main advantage of OneNote over Evernote is the price. If you can’t handle the download/upload limit on free Evernote, OneNote is totally free. I believe, sooner or later, OneNote will be included in Office 365! Microsoft is a greedy company… Anyway, you can still do a lot (free of charge) on Evernote.

Which service are you using? Do you utilize it for your blog if any?

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53 thoughts on “Do you use Evernote?”

  1. Hi Mohamad,
    For a number of years I’ve used Evernote to write and store my daily journal. I used to have Premium until I realised that if I was more selective when including graphics, I could get away with the monthly allowance of the free version. I don’t use it for files so the only downside for me is being limited to two devices.

    1. Thank you, Sue. I see your point here. Except at the beginning, I don’t think a normal user in need for premium’s always. I had 2 years without being premium and things were OK. I’m using the files in reasonable way. That’s, only those needed for a note are attached. But my programming files (which are usually large) are on OneDrive and pictures are on Flickr.

      1. Yes, you are right, I just noticed it isn’t available on the play store…. But it came as inbuilt app, but it’s super simple..

  2. I have used MS Office products for years but I never really use Ever note or One note. Basically I either save items into my Google Drive or into my Dropbox account. My new notebook computer didn’t have enough internal memory to open all of the files and folders in my Dropbox which initially caused me great pain. However, by going to the actual Dropbox, I was able to filter the folders that opened on this device. So I have access to the files in my working folders and all of the rest of my Dropbox glory can be accessed from my desktop computer. Best of the best for me.

    1. Thank you, Darlene. I lived one year with a Chromebook only. That’s, low storage! Dropbox and Google Drive were doing great then. If your device is with good specifications, OneDrive is very handy with Office 365 as it comes with 1TB of storage. Actually, I was thinking of leaving Evernote for the favor of OneDrive. OneNote works well with OneDrive and

      1. I use Google Chrome instead of using my Microsoft account and OneDrive. This computer tells me every time I open it how awful Google is and that I should be using the Microsoft account. Today it even told me that Google was draining my battery faster than Microsoft’s browser. I thought that was sort of funny.

      2. People are used to arguing about which browser is draining resources more! Just use what you feel comfortable with. I think Microsoft browser (Edge) is way far behind Chrome or Firefox. Personally, I prefer Firefox – always.

  3. I love using Evernote and love how I can scan receipts and statements on my phone or iPad and easily find them on Evernote if I need to. I use the paid version and find that it is good value. I recently purchased a Moleskine notebook to record notes to scan to Evernote. Each book gives 3 months free subscription to Evernote. Bt careful purchasing this made the notebook effectively free.

    I also like to store PDF’s, web pages using web clipper in Chrome, and send emails that I don’t want to lose to my Evernote email. All things considered, it is great and getting better.

    1. Thank you, Roland. Glad to know about how you’re using EN. It’s interesting to learn how people are utilizing such services for more productivity. Actually, I’m using it with and I find it very handy. Though, one can do the same with OneNote. I’ve been thinking in Moleskine’s for long time. How do you like it? I mean I’m using Evernote service and/or other cloud services to become paperless!

      1. With Evernote I now am reasonably paperless. I use the Moleskine where it is more practical to write on paper than directly onto an online note. People attending meetings can be put off by just one person writing on a laptop but don’t mind people taking handwritten notes.

      2. Good point, Roland. I might need to consider it then… I’m pretty sure is very accurate as, personally, I find scanning text with EN is much better than any other app on my phone.

  4. Hmmm!! This a interesting form of new software. I don’t know anything about this form of software can you elaborate on what this new software is about. But amazing post though. Keep it up.

    1. Thank you, John. It’s a productivity software that is supposed to help in backing up your files/data and make accessing/sharing them easier and faster. Evernote is one of the alternatives in this field. I believe it’s one of the best though. After all, things depend on your needs

      1. Hmmm! I see I see think that will be a great and awesome platform to allow other people to understand and want to develop an opportunity to learn more about this upcoming software. Great work man keep it up.

  5. No, Mohamad, I don’t use Evernote!
    Would I be correct in assuming that Evernote is a storage app when memory becomes an issue?
    I love your posts; particularly the ‘tech’ type! I have little experience, and find your posts ‘get me thinking’; as well as having been a wonderful help in the past…. TY 🙂

    1. Thank you and you’re most welcome, Carolyn. Glad I’m helpful in my posts 🙂
      As for me, well, memory is always an issue for me! I forget a lot 😀
      But honestly, I mainly use such apps to assist in making life easier in term of easy access to files that I need or when I’m at the doctor’s… Sharing with family is another thing I use cloud services (such as EN) for. Beside, I always like to record my life. I find it fun sometimes to see things of my childhood or a paper written by hand of my dad or gradpa.

      1. Hahaaaaa… memory, yes; it’s a valuable commodity! 🙂
        You’ve now whetted my appetite; I’ll investigate a little more! You never know, in this technically advancing stratosphere, just where a non-technical brain such as mine may reach! Woo; that’s quite thrilling! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Linda. You won’t go wrong with OneNote. I’m a big fan of Microsoft’s. In spite they are slow often, they do solid things. It might defeat Evernote someday. Additionally, it works very well with OneDrive and That’s been said, I feel that OneDrive is a must with OneNote. So, it’s not only me who likes to keep records of every things! 🙂

      1. It’s odd that I like OneNote since I’m typing this on a Mac while I use gmail, and Chrome as my browser (sorry!) I haven’t played with OneDrive, but now I must check it out. As you can tell, I am at all places at all times and therefore nowhere!

      2. Hehehe.. I know what you’re talking about, Linda. Trust me, I’m nowhere better than you. I have a curiosity to try new techs. Which is useful for learning and coming up with blog posts. But, on the other hand, this caused me instability in some other areas… My family became crazy because of that. Once, I share files/folder with them on Google Drive, then on OneDrive, then I change to Evernote, then to Flickr, … 😀

      3. Haha, I don’t have to worry about that, yet. Bill is just getting used to writing emails. Files are way down the list of things he needs to learn next. Hey, it took me seven years to talk him into getting a cell phone. He still has his flip phone and won’t give it up! He had it for many years before he figured out how to text on it. Beep beep boop boop beep. How he can deal with pushing all of the numbers a million times to get a letter! Haha, enough of my Bill tech rant. I’ll let you know when he figures out he can save files and then we can commiserate!

      4. I never liked to send SMS with the old phones. Texting with numbers keyboard is a real pain. The pleasure and honor are all mine to know all of this about Bill. 🙂
        My greetings to you and him.

  6. I use Microsoft Word. I got used to it when I worked because it was the only option available by my employer(s). I pay annually to use it now but it’s worth it to me because it has a lot of useful features. I have many files set up in Word that moved over quite nicely when I switched to Win 10. I open it up every day along with my browsers and use it for notes, blogging ideas, etc.

    I have Evernote but have not used it.

    1. Thank you, Franci. MS Word is a sold and almost perfect app. With OneDrive, it’s becoming even more handy. Unfortunately, I don’t use it but for large projects (such as papers) which I’m not doing recently. On the other hand, as an accountant, I can’t live without MS Excel. Paying annually means that you have Office 365 which comes with 1TB of OneDrive’s storage. Thus, I don’t think you’ll need Evernote then 😉

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