All roads lead to Rome

I’ve been to Rome many times. A lot of my friends and colleagues keep asking me why I repeat my trips to Italy.Ā  I have no answer. There is something in my heart about it. I adore Rome…

I enjoy walking in streets and engaging with people there. Living the experience and not only sights-seeing.

What about you, do you repeat your trips/places?

Mohamad Al Karbi

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    • I totally agree, one time isn’t enough. However, with another time, one will wish for more for sure. By the way, I’ve heard a lot about Bali in Indonesia. Do you recommend it for tourism?

      • I definitely would recommend it, Mohamad. But it is firstly a cultural experience, secondly a beach/ocean one. Not many white, sandy beaches. Also not really a child friendl island. The pavements are a disaster, so it becomes impossible to push a baby pram. It is ideal for women on their own because it is safe, and it is a real ‘eat,pray, love’ destination. In a nutshell.

      • Hmm, very interesting to know. Thank you very much for giving this information. No real plan in my head about it but it was good to ask someone lives there. Again, thank you very much

      • I am from South Africa, and fly to Bali twice a year. We import furniture from Indonesia. Have been to the island 35 times over the years, and love every moment of it.

      • I apologize for the misunderstanding. I don’t speak Afrikaans. Using auto translate on your blog, I came to this conclusion! Please accept my apology. But at the same time, I’m sure you’re having a wonderful experience

    • Yes, very romantic. Did you see the picture of the wedding above, signora Georgia? It was very wonderful to attend a simple wedding in a public place there. Love overcomes other difficulties.

  1. Rome is wonderful but a long trip for myself. If I can return I would like to explore more and maybe Florence also. We have done return trips to Hawaii but it is only six hours away,.

    • Thank you, David. Italy for me is 6 hours trip too; I consider it overseas tough! šŸ™‚ Florence and Lucca are very beautiful. Every thing in Tuscany is amazing. I wish to visit Hawaii someday – saw a lot about it in movies


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