Number of inhabitants in Sweden: 10 million
Area: 528 447 km2, of which 407 340 km2 is land area (Sweden is the third largest country in Europe)
Length & Width: Sweden is 1 572 km long and 499 km wide.
Capital city: Stockholm
Language: Swedish (as well as minority languages ​​Sami, Finnish, Tornedale Finnish, Yiddish and Romani)
State: parliamentary democracy (Sweden is at the same time a monarchy, you have a royal house, but the king in Sweden has only a symbolic function)
Religion: 80% Lutheran Christianity; Major minorities of Muslims and Catholics
Parliament: Risk Day with 349 members
Key export sectors: mobile phones, cars, papers, machines and robots, steel and iron, pharmaceuticals
Important import branches: electronics, mobile phones, oil, clothing, cars
Other information about exports and imports: In the second largest city of Gothenburg there is the port of Gothenburg, the largest port in the north.
Famous Swedish companies: IKEA, Volvo (however, only Volvo trucks are now Swedish, Volvo cars are owned by Ford), Hennes & Mauritz / H & M, Ericsson, Electrolux, SKF
Abba, with today’s over 400 million discs worldwide, is Sweden’s most successful music export throughout the ages, and continues to sell 2-4 million discs each year. Abba became the first pop group from Continental Europe / Scandinavia to achieve greater success in the English-speaking world for a long time. In 1976, Abba was one of the world’s most popular pop groups, with songs like Money Money Money, Fernando, Knowing Me Knowing You and Dancing Queen, which became the United States in 1977.


Nature in Sweden reminds a lot of nature in Europe. Trees, plants, animals, insects and seasons.


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  1. It’s a real pleasure to have a post about Sweden from a Swedish. Thank you Annica for your wonderful post and wonderful pictures. What wonderful music too… Tack

    1. I have to thank you Mohamad Al Karbi ! I am very pleased to have an invitation from you and present the country Sweden that i`m live in !!
      I want to thank you so much! 🙂

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  3. Nice post, Annica. But our country is not as big as you write, it´s 447 435 km² including 8.97% water, who is 40 134 km². We where Europe´s third larges country before Soviet union collapses, only France and Spain was bigger. Sweden as the name Sverige (Sweden) began about yer 1000. Before that Sweden had many small kingdoms.

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