WordPress – Ethical Dilemma

If you have 20 posts to like or comment, you cannot do them all within 5 minutes. If you could, WordPress will block your account for spamming!

As their numbers and posts are increasing over time, how do you usually keep up with friends on WordPress?


Please check “WordPress – Ethical Dilemma: The Results” for a continuous updated summary based on the comments here…

172 thoughts on “WordPress – Ethical Dilemma

  1. simpledimple

    I’ve enjoyed the visit here and indeed, your posts are so so inspiring and informative. I’ve been equipped with more knowledge and tips. Thank you for sharing varied infos for us all. And thanks for your great support to my blog. Have a wonderful weekend. Cheers. 🙂

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  2. Eirini

    It is quite difficult to keep up. Following all these different blogs, some of which post numerous times a day… I do love to have a read on what peoples thoughts on different topics are. Usually, I have to pick by the titles. Obviously, I am more keen on some topics that others. When I have time I usually go to some of my fav bloggers and check several post at once. xx

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  3. stuartaken

    I’m selective in who I follow, so have more followers than those I am following. This is a pragmatic approach based on a mixture of the suitability of the posts and the time I have at my disposal. Much as I’d like to read and comment on every post from my friends on WordPress, time won’t allow such indulgence. I receive weekly digests and respond to those with comments, likes, and most frequently with shares to Twitter and sometimes Facebook, depending on content. It’s definitely a dilemma, but one I think most bloggers experience and understand. We have only so much time available to us and we need to use it productively.
    Shares are far more valuable than likes,as they get the post out there to be noticed by other potential readers.
    I think this is a practical rather than an ethical problem: the reality is we lack the time to read everything that comes our way!

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    1. Mohamad Al Karbi Post author

      Thank you very much, Stuart. I like your way in sharing posts to Twitter. I find it very thoughtful and helpful. After some time on WordPress, I agree that following selective people is really the safest way and more realistic one too. Yes, it’s more into practical problem than ethical one.

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  4. -Eugenia

    I find it difficult to read all of what I would like to read. I like to engage with those that I follow and that also follow me because I feel supporting one another is a two-way street. If I like a post, then I click the like button. IMO, clicking the like button is like going through a drive-through but not going inside. If a post is not my cup of tea, then I don’t give it a “like” and move on. I follow many but have narrowed down the number that shows up in my email. My blog has grown considerably since I am now one of the authors of the Go Dog Go Cafe. With that said, I put a lot of time and effort into this and enjoy it immensely.

    WordPress and other social media sites are what we make them out to be, IMO.

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    1. Mohamad Al Karbi Post author

      Thank you very much, Franci. Yes, social media are what we make them out to be. Supporting close ones was mentioned by many and it seems it has big trend here. The time is the big issue though. Wish you all luck in the sharing of authoring of Go Dog Go Cafe. That’s a good news to here. 🙂



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