Be my Guest

As you may already know, a new series about WordPress Themes has been started here. It’s difficult for me to cover all available themes alone. Thus, if you want to participate in writing about your experience with a theme, please contact me to arrange for a guest post.

Not sure what to write? You may visit this post for the guidelines and category link for samples.

Furthermore, contact me too if you want to post about your city under “Around the World” category to arrange for the same.

Please visit the Index page to make sure that the theme or city hasn’t been discussed before.


8 thoughts on “Be my Guest

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  2. Rovi

    Thank you, because of WordPress I have done one of my Bucketlist which is blogging. And this pkatform has given me more purpose in life by documenting more of my experiences and travels throught writing. Hence, giving me deeper meaning with my own life.

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  4. intenttowin

    I would like to write for my hometown of Cookeville, TN, USA as a guest on your Around the World blog.
    It just so happens that my county Putnam County TN, USA is celebrating its 175 year anniversary. There are lots of great vintage photos, as well as what’s new in our city.
    I appreciate your consideration.

    Darlene League intentowin

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