WordPress Awards – Thanks

I just wanted to thank all who nominated me for awards here on WordPress. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to post about each separately. But your nomination means a lot to me and I’m really honored. I also thank those who invented such idea to foster communication among members of this amazing community.

  • Versatile Blogger Award

RisFit , Roda , Hussein , Celestial , Mischenko , winningsetbacks , Yuvi , Eirini , Kayla , Amna

  • The Blue Sky Tag


  • Sunshine Blogger Award

Jessica , Amela , Julie , Roda , Jen , Amela

  • Liebster Award

Karthik , Silhouette , Tanu , Maryam

  • Mystery Blogger Award

Renata , Inkowlme , Tish , Stacy

  • Growing Self Blogger Award

Ellie , Jessica

  • One Lovely Blog


  • Real Neat Blog Award

Roda , Juvie , Amela

  • Unique Blogger Award

AVID OBSERVER , Gaurav , Preeya

  • Blogger Recognition Award

Shawna , Natasha , Jessica , Roda , Crystal

  • The Black Cat Blue Sea Award


  • Lovely Blog Award


Find out more on this link

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