An old house in the old city

This is our house in Damascus. Most of the old houses there are similar.

OH_Inside (7)

an old house

The man in the video below is my Father. He used to clean the yard and do the maintenance of the house by his own hands like other old men do there. I talked about my Father in another post: Home is where the heart is.

I believe you know now the story behind my logo!

85 thoughts on “An old house in the old city

  1. Madame Zenista

    I believe that we often have pieces of ourselves in the house we grow up in; one’s childhood home is more than just old walls, stories in motion everywhere for returning eyes to see.
    Your beautiful house reminded me a bit from my own home in India which are anything cookie cutter homes.
    The orange laden tree is simply lovely!
    Thank you for sharing such an intimate part of yourself.

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