Home is where the heart is.

Al Khaldi Hospital & Medical Center

I’m not the best at telling stories. I believe this picture does a much better job. This is me arriving at the hospital directly from the airport for almost the final goodbye to my Dad.

Few years ago, he had to leave his own country where he lived most of his life. He couldn’t make it home again. As for me, there were many challenges in order to visit my Father in his new home.

Well, I did it… but it was the last visit!

I don’t know if he was crying because he finally was able to see me or because of the words he was whispering in my ear then: “I wish to die in my own home and to be buried in Syria!

Like many other Syrians, his wish didn’t come true…

150 thoughts on “Home is where the heart is.

  1. updownflight

    I’m sorry I didn’t see this post until now, Mohamad. It makes me sad that he didn’t get his last wish, but I’m happy that you were with him.

    1. Mohamad Al Karbi

      Thank you very much Cindy. Your your kind words mean a lot to me. Life never been easy or happy all the time but I was glad to be there beside him then last year…

  2. winningsetbacks

    The picture told all the stories you couldn’t tell
    ; tell the bond , trust and loyalty and the beautiful weave of the son he raised.I sorry for the loss but happy for what you turn out to be from your father.

  3. Marina Aagaard

    Thank you for sharing. Fortunate that you got together in time … A very apt and true title – and most certainly a story and a very touching one at that. You do tell stories with photos and words.


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