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After spending some time on WordPress, I realized the importance of back links for blogs owners. Since that a lot are doing the same, I’m going to do it too. If you have a WordPress blog, you may please post its URL and title in a comment here; a short description is a plus.

Discussing this with WordPress Technical Support, they confirmed that links in comments are coded to be “nofollow” – Click for more information about this attribute. I understand hence that a link to your blog in a comment doesn’t technically differ from recording a like to the post. However, it’s still an opportunity to know other bloggers and increase our community.

209 thoughts on “Promote your blog

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    My mission as a social worker for 22 years and blogging is inclusive of the following objectives-
    1- Cease the pay to medicate model our current mental health system operates under which places labels on those who don’t need a stigma behind their name..
    2- Find funding to implement my own model in each area of treatment, including addictions, mental and behavioral health, which reverses the financial reward system to actually pay to heal, not pay to keep us all sick,
    3- Incorporate an accountability system within the providers like Canada does – there is no ” write own paychecks courtesy of the insurance company regardless of how the patient is doing..
    VERY excited to have recently added our first parnter in this mission- Mike Carey who has an uncanny gift to help people find total HEALING not symptom treatment, for any disease even cancer–please check his site out and brace yourself for miraculous testimonials!

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  3. kalpa-an idea

    It is very kind of you to encourage new bloggers… Kalpa means an IDEA in the Sanskrit language.
    It is a word that has several meanings …. like an era or aeon, a ritual process, a doctrine of treatments, pharmacy and learning about poisons and their antidotes. Kalpa also means research, or  the tree of desire.
    We want to be part of your lives as much as you shall be part of ours, forever, for aeons… we want to be there for you through your personal beauty rituals and treatments giving you what Mother Nature meant to be rightfully yours.This is why one size doesn’t fit all, at least not always, and why each of us are so beautiful  and so different. And that is  absolutely ok.
    This is where 40-something moms and their teenage daughters would be able to find answers to their skin and hair questions….answers that will not put another question on their health, like most chemical products do.
    This is about- beauty and health… and you, yes you, your choices, your individuality, your goals and your happiness.

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    1. Mohamad Al Karbi Post author

      Very nice name and colors of your website. Based on the description you provided and some of the articles I read, it’s going to be wonderful following you. Thank you for sharing…


  4. watchinggodtheblog

    I am new to word press. I created my blog this month (although there is a post from December–I used a previous FB status as a “test” post.)

    My blog offers reflections on my life and creative universe. I call it “Watching God,” but it has no religious affiliation. Some of the posts may be considered “spiritual,” but my musings are really a reflection of how I think and navigate my world. “Watching God” means looking for inspiration from my own life experiences and deciding to grow into a more enlightened version of myself through those experiences.

    Many thanks for the opportunity to share my blog here! I hope someone somewhere finds something to enjoy there!



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