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After spending some time on WordPress, I realized the importance of back links for blogs owners. Since that a lot are doing the same, I’m going to do it too. If you have a WordPress blog, you may please post its URL and title in a comment here; a short description is a plus.

Discussing this with WordPress Technical Support, they confirmed that links in comments are coded to be “nofollow” – Click for more information about this attribute. I understand hence that a link to your blog in a comment doesn’t technically differ from recording a like to the post. However, it’s still an opportunity to know other bloggers and increase our community.

526 thoughts on “Promote your blog

  1. M.P. Baecker

    Have you ever experienced a major change or challenge in your ideas of home, identity, race or culture? Do you ever feel that these topics are not sufficiently explored or thoughtfully presented in popular culture?
    My website might interest you:
    My aim is to provide an uplifting sanctuary for everyone to ponder and explore new ways of thinking about life in the modern world. I write about topics such as identity, immigration, hostility, integration, travel and modernity in an artistic and witty way. My goal is to connect with people and empower them, the posts are accompanied by my landscape-focused photography, paintings and drawings. Please come in and take a look!



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