Firefox vs Chrome


Quick/simple notes about Firefox and Chrome browsers based on my daily use as a normal user on Windows 8


Firefox is very flexible in customization. Wonderful display on Windows 8 and lighter on low-tech machines.


  • Not opening a link in the appropriate app on Android.
  • No advanced edit for Google Photos.
  • No Google+ extensions.
  • Using Chromebooks later might be not easy.
  • Not available on Windows phones which contradicts with their famous tag “#lovetheweb”.
  • Latest updates made it faster. However, Opera and Chrome are still faster. But it’s not so much noticeable; especially if you do some increasing speed settings & tweaks.
  • No 64 bit version till now. They promised it would be available soon.


Fast and it might be the best if you’re investing a lot into Google services.


  • Fonts are not clear even after the recent updates. Some font rendering extension might get things a little bit better though. (The font will be clear on high resolution; in my case 3200×1800)
  • If you’re Evernote user, Evernote clipper doesn’t open the desktop version. Still prefer the clipper in Firefox.
  • Chrome apps extensions (Web Apps Shortcuts) can’t be handled correctly on Windows if you’re installing them outside the Chrome store (developer).
  • Causing a lot of strange behaviors on my Windows 8 laptop.
  • Less customization in comparing to Firefox.
  • Web OneDrive is better on Chrome than on Firefox and Explorer (e.g. folder upload)!

Recently, I’m testing Opera browser. I can say that I should’ve used it long time ago. A good app nowadays should be available everywhere: Web/Desktop, Android, Windows phone, iOS, … This is the case in Opera. Opera uses Chromium so it’s almost as fast as Chrome. The font display/rendering is better than Chrome but not as good as in Firefox on high DPI Windows 8 screens.

7 thoughts on “Firefox vs Chrome

    1. Mohamad Al Karbi Post author

      When I tried UC browser, there wasn’t a desktop version. The Windows 10 version can’t be a real desktop experience. Unfortunately, I haven’t worked much on Uc browser as I prefer unified experience on mobile and desktop. But I keep hearing good things about this browser and I believe you won’t go wrong with any on your mobile

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